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online web site builder
online web site builder
online web site builder
online web site builder
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Web site builders or web page builders as some people prefer to call them allow the average internet user who has no coding skills to build and upload onto the net their own web page or complete web sites. Web site builders allow you to copy images from your computer or other sources and simply paste them directly onto a web page you are building. You can place this image anywhere on the page simply by 'dragging' the image to where you want it with your mouse. You can write text and change the size, color etc and then drag the text and also place it anywhere on the page. To upload to the internet is as simple as click save then publish.

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You can select a web template for the background of your site or you can start with a blank page and create your own design. This site is made with the 'homestead site builder' and it was started with a blank page. I have been building my websites on homestead for over the past 10 years. And yes it costs a couple extra dollars a month more than the cheap hosting sites out there but unless you have lots of time and a complete grasp of html coding this is the way to go. I wouldn't use and pay for a service for 10 years unless I felt it was worth it.

I have the annual gold package. It gives me a free domain name with all the hosting space and traffic useage I have needed to date. This is perfect if you want to build a business site. The third party traffic stats that comes with this package gives you a lot of details about your traffic including where it is coming from which is a big advantage when creating new product pages.

Homestead itself knows that once you get familiar with the functions of their web site builder and its ease of use you too will be doing your hosting and site building there. So they give you a completely free 30 day trial to test it out yourself. Take them up on their offer and take the free trial and see what you can build for yourself.

Two Other Hosts Offering Site Builders

GoDaddy also has a site builder but I have never used it myself. GoDaddy has the volume and money behind them so I would expect them to have a decent product. If I did not already have homestead, godaddy would be the next host I would try out.

Blue Host is a third web host that offers a web site builder. This host also has an excellent track record for hosting. But again I am not familiar with their web site builder to make any judgements.
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